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Below is a list of articles, blogs and papers which detail the operational realities of our monetary system, the possibilities which those realities present for Policy-makers and the public, and the myths presented by the mainstream which obscure those possibilities.  I have tried, whenever possible, to include papers which are digestible for a non-economist.  These are academic papers and require some absorption of the terminology and terms.  This list is by no means complete.

Bill Mitchell on the principles governing modern economics:


Stephanie Bell (Kelton) on how government finances itself:


Scott Fullwiler on the implications of discontinuing bond sales:


Warren Mosler on the “affordability” of government spending: 

Bill Mitchell on Who is in Charge:

Scott Fullwiler on Who is in Charge:

Abba Lerner, the principles of functional finance:

Bill Mitchell on starting with consistent assumptions:


There are many, many more articles and papers if you wish to explore the topic in depth.  MMT’ers are writing every day and a host of blogs and commentary have developed around the subject.  This Wiki is a great place for further research, as well.




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