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I’m David. I’m a real estate broker & investor from Colorado, USA.

In 2009, I determined three things.  One, the mainstream paradigm in economics was obviously broken.  The economy was crashing and the “fixes” being put in place by policy makers weren’t going to lead us back to prosperity anytime soon. Two, bank credit was about to become extremely difficult to get; so if I wanted to continue doing real estate deals, I would need other people’s money.  Three, if I was going to use other people’s money, I wanted to be sure I knew how the economy worked before I did.

This led me on an extraordinary journey, from Keynes and Hayek, to Rothbard and Krugman.  And when I was finished, there was one theory left standing:  Modern Monetary Theory.

I find the underlying principles of Modern Monetary Theory to be convincing. I created this site to explore the implications of MMT for our future, and maybe share a piece of that with you.

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